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Masonry Fasteners

Masonry Fasteners General Information

Masonry Fasteners are specialized devices designed to provide an anchor into concrete, hollow walls, stone, structural clay tile, steel deck, block, brick, wallboard and wood panels. We offer a selection of Masonry Anchors and other masonry fastening systems to meet the requirements of most applications. This makes the selection process more involved than in past years.


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Spline Carbide Tipped Drill Bits Split Drive Anchors Tapper™
Thin Wall Core Bits Toggle Bolts Wedge Anchors

There are three different types of anchoring systems which all have their own benefits. We have divided this section into these three categories:

  • Powder Actuated Fasteners - A system of installation tools & guns, pins & powder loads to drive a pin through steel or wood into any base material.
  • Mechanical Anchors - Conventional devices which insert into a pre-drilled hole and mechanically “expand” to provide holding power for any type of load.
  • Adhesive Anchors - A system using various epoxies and tools to chemically anchor a load into a pre-drilled hole.

As in all applications, the load capacities and the other criteria above should be reviewed and verified by a design professional familiar with the actual product installation.

Before selecting any masonry anchor the following factors need to be taken into consideration:

  1. Base material in which the anchor or fastener will be installed.
  2. Loads applied by the fixture or material to be fastened to the anchor or fastener.
  3. Anchor or fastener material and the bolt/threaded rod to be used in combination with an anchor.
  4. Installation procedures including the method of drilling or the installation tool used.
  5. Effects of corrosion.
  6. Dimensions of the base material including the material thickness, anchor or fastener spacing and edge.
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