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Drywall & Framing Screws

Galvanized Deck Screws

Always match your screws to the job, considering both the finished result and the materials being used. Use round heads for work likely to be disassembled, and for fastening thin materials. Use flat heads when the screw head must be flush with the surface, or oval heads when countersinking is possible. If in doubt, use scrap stock to experiment with different types and sizes.

These screws are Specialty Drywall & Framing Screws and are designed specifically for use in drywall applications. The head styles and threads of these screws provide the greatest holding power in drywall.

These screws are similar to Bugle Head Screws, but are galvanized for resisting corrosion in outdoor applications. For use with wood decks, docks, siding and fences, they are also available in stainless steel. Available in coarse thread, with diameters from #6 to #10 and lengths from 1" to 6". Length is measured from the top of the head.

Self-Drilling Bugle Head Screws

These Bugle Head Screws have self-drilling points, and use a Phillips® drive. Available in sizes from #6 to #10 and lengths from 1" to 3".

Group codes Represented: BHSD
Part# Example: 06162BHSDX

Self-Drilling Bugle Head Screws

These self-countersunk Phillips® head screws are available in coarse or fine thread. With a thin shank and a self-starting point, these screws are great for drywall use. Made of hardened black phosphate. Available in diameters from #6 to #10 and lengths from 1" to 6". Length is measured from the top of the head.

Group codes Represented: BHS, BHSC
Part# Example: 62225BHS

K-Lath Truss Phillips Screws

Made from zinc plated steel, the truss head and Phillips® drive of these screws make them ideal for holding the metal lath together behind drywall. Available in #6 and #7 x 7/16".

Group codes Represented: KLS
Part# Example: 08100KLS

Trim Head Screws

These screws have a head width that is 1/3 less than standard drywall screws. It has a sharp point for fastening wood, metal trim, or metal framing up to 20 gauge. Made of hardened zinc-plated steel. Available in Phillips® drive (for general use) or square (for higher torque). Available in #6 diameter and lengths 1 5/8" and 2 1/4".

Group codes Represented: THS
Part# Example: 06162THSX, 06100THSSQ

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