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Drill Bits

High Speed Steel Heavy Duty 135º Split Point Drills

Drills are made of M2 or M7 high speed steel, and available with cobalt and titanium-nitride coatings. The shanks can be inserted into any drilling device. Cutting applications vary depending on the drill point. Bits are available for both standard and metric holes. Available in fractional sizes, numbered sizes, and lettered sizes.
H.S.S. Heavy Duty 135° Split Point Drills
Drills are designated ‘Heavy Duty’ when the web of the drill is thicker. The grade of high speed steel is not a determining factor.


Masonry Carbide Drills

Specifically for use in masonry drilling, these drills are made of high grade heat treated alloy tool steel for maximum life. They feature a copper brazed carbide tip, Turbo™ flute design, and meet ANSI standards.
Group codes Represented: STAPBIT
Part# Example: 2894R

Titanium Drills

The heavy-duty design of this drill, in combination with a titanium nitride coating, enhances chip flow and finished hole quality, and increases drill life by up to 700%.
Group codes Represented: TDB
Part# Example: 48TDB

High Speed Steel Left Hand Drill Bits

This special purpose and production machine drill features left handed flutes. The heavy duty ticker web extends drill life. Available in Jobber lengths only. Commonly used for extracting broken bolts.
Group codes Represented: HSSBLH
Part# Example: 31HSSBLH

Cobalt Drill Bits

'Super Cobalt' is the standard cobalt material used for all our cobalt drill bits. Highly resistant to abrasion, it features excellent red-hardness for working difficult materials like stainless steel and titanium.
Group codes Represented: CDB
Part# Example: 93CDB

Ship Auger Drill Bits

Made from special tool steel, the machine ground hollows of these bits have a deep open throat for fast chip removal, making them ideal for heavy timbers and power poles. They feature a single flute design with single cutter, an outlining spur, side lip, and a self-feeding medium fast pitch screw point. Available in lengths 6", 17", and 18".
Group codes Represented: SAB
Part# Example: 100600SAB

Bell Hanger's Drill Bits

Made from high speed steel, these drills can drill through nails, sheet metal, and other metal surfaces. The flutes are relief-ground, with a hole for pulling wires. High speed steel Bellhanger’s drills last 3 to 5 times longer than carbon steel Bellhanger’s drills.
Group codes Represented: HSSBBH
Part# Example: 372400HSSBBH

Screw Machine Length (Stub)
Group Code: HSSB

These 'stubs' are designed for screw machine operations in which normal drills are too long, making short, rigid drills a necessity. The shorter length reduces breakage and run out. They are especially suitable for N/C drilling applications.

Jobber Length Drills
Group Code: HSSB

These general purpose and production machine drills, in ferrous or nonferrous materials, feature a thicker web for extended drill life. They are relief-ground and twist-fluted for maximum strength and rigidity.

Taper Length Drills
Group Code: HSSB

These general purpose drills feature an increased cutting length. The straight shanks have the same diameter as the flute. Also known as ‘Longer Series Drills’ or ‘Long Jobber Drills’, taper length drills are named for having the same flute length as taper shank drills.

Aircraft Extension Drills
Group code: AB
These drills have the same flute length as jobber length drills and feature an extended shank. Stocked in 6" and 12".

Double Ended Drills
Group Code: DED

Designed for sheet metal, tubing, and thin section applications, double ended drills are considerably more durable than screw machine drills and last longer with less breakage. They will successfully drill holes in stainless steel and other work hardening alloys.

1/2" Shank (Silver & Deming) Drills
Group Code: HSSB

These all purpose drills are designed for use when the maximum chuck capacity is 1/2". All S & D drills are 6" overall length with 3" flute length.

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