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     We now carry a full line of Permatex® Industrial Products. Permatex has been an industry brand leader for over 90 years. They specialize in Thread lockers, Thread Sealants, Retaining Compounds, Gasketing, Adhesives, Maintenance & Repair, Lubricants, Gloves, Industrial Cleaners, and Hand Cleaners.

Thread lockers Permatex® Thread lockers are superior to conventional lock washers, nylon inserts, and other mechanical locking devices. They secure the entire fastener assembly against loosening from shock and vibration and maintain proper clam loads.

Thread Sealants Permatex® Thread Sealants seal and secure metal pipes and fittings. Thread Sealants harden to prevent leakage caused by vibration loosening, tape shredding, solvent evaporation, damaged threads, and temperature cycling.

Retaining Permatex® Retaining Compounds are designed to bond non-threaded, cylindrical metal assemblies. Retaining Compounds harden to create a solid, one-piece assembly and can be sued to lock keyways, secure splines, augment press fits, and strengthen interference fits.

Gasketing Permatex®, the leader in form-in-place gasket makers, gasket dressings, and general-purpose sealants for almost a century, offers a choice of RTV silicones, anaerobics, and solvent-based products to meet your broad gasketing and sealing needs.

Adhesives From the world leader in cyanoacrylate, or super glue, technology comes a complete line of adhesives designed to cover the vast majority of common repairs and materials. Permatex® offers a wide range of instant adhesives to meet your many needs. Permatex® specialty adhesives and epoxies offer ideal solutions for many bonding jobs. As complements to a full line of cyanoacrylates, these products make a more complete adhesive set while their tried and true formulas guarantee satisfaction.

Maintenance & Repair Permatex® Maintenance and Repair products help to prevent breakdowns, eliminate costly delays, cut repair costs and prolong equipment life. Through almost 100 years of Permatex® history, plant maintenance engineers and specialists have relied upon Permatex® chemical solutions to handle many of the complex mechanical problems they face with maintenance, repair and overhaul operations. These quality products are the tools that assist maintenance professionals to perform their duties quickly, easily and reliably.

Lubricants Widely known and trusted, these traditional Permatex® lubricants work to protect and lubricate an assortment of parts and components. Permatex® aerosol lubricants and penetrants are formulated to be the best available. Permatex® Anti-Seize Compounds protect mated metal parts against friction, galling and corrosion.

Disposable Gloves Permatex® Nitrile Disposable Gloves are made from a 100% synthetic rubber that provides superior resistance to a wide range of solvents and hazardous chemicals. Permatex® Disposable Latex Gloves are ideal for industrial repair work. They fit either hand while providing superior manual dexterity. lightly powdered, the gloves are easy to put on and take off. Each glove features textured fingers that are ideal for gripping dirty parts and tools.

Cleaners Permatex® offers a complete line of exceptional general-purpose and application-specific cleaners and degreasers to meet not only your demands but also those related to protecting the environment.

Hand Cleaners For over 50 years, Permatex® has offered high-quality hand cleaners and has maintained a leadership position through innovation and a concern for users' needs. Permatex® offers a broad selection of product formulations and sizes from the top-selling Fast Orange® Natural Citrus products, to Trounce® and Parr® Painter's Cleaner™ Hand Cleaner....Permatex® has the best products for your working hands.

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