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About US



Since 1973...

We have supplied industrial, construction & retail establishments with high-quality fasteners. We specialize in all kinds of different fasteners and fastening systems. We also have sales counters at both our locations so even walk-in traffic can take advantage of dealing directly with a distributor.

Our product line features all grades and styles of hex cap screws , hex nuts, washers, threaded rod, fasteners for masonry, screws, rivets and more! See our online catalog for a more complete listing. All appropriate fasteners are 100% lot traceable. Most are available in coarse and fine thread patterns, right and left hand threads, plain and zinc plated finishes.

We carry fasteners in exotic materials such as stainless steel, nylon and brass. If extra threading or special coatings and plating's are needed for job, just let us know. We can handle all different kinds of secondary processing. We also have many pre-made assortments of hex cap screws, nuts and washers set in any of our cabinets, scoop drawers & poly-boxes. Ask about designing your own assortment or modifying one of our standard ones to fit your needs. All assortments come with our optional replenishment schedule service. Let us help you maintain your assortment so you never run low on fasteners for that important project.

Having trouble finding a screw no one else has? We have just expanded our warehouse in Alma and now have over 100,000 sq. ft. of common and odd sized fasteners ready for immediate delivery. Don't take a chance on the hardware not having those in-between sizes. With our large inventory we carry all the sizes of a line. Not just the popular ones.

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