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High Speed Steel Standard Hand Taps

Our Taps are made from heavy duty high speed steel, taps are used to create threads in a pre-drilled hole. Taps are available in both standard and metric measurements, and in a variety of sets and assortments.

We carry standard taps in taper, plug and bottoming chamfers. Select the chamfer based on how far you want to tap into the pre-drilled hole. Also available in titanium nitride coating. Tap sizes from #0 to 3 1/2".

Group codes Represented: HSSTLB, HSSBT, HSST
Part# Examples: 04UHSST, 87HSSTLB, 75UHSSBT

High Speed Steel Left Hand Taps

These taps are identical to a standard hand tap, but tap left-handed threads. Available in high speed steel, in sizes from #6 to 1 3/4".
Group codes Represented: HSSTLH
Part# Examples: 43UHSSTLH, 62SHSSTLH

High Speed Steel Pipe Taps

These taps are specially designed to tap pipe threads that will bind up when screwed into, forming a waterproof seal. Available in sizes from 1/16" to 3".
Group codes Represented: HSSPT
Part# Examples: 50HSSPT

High Speed Steel Special Thread Taps

These taps are unique, in that you can order a range of nonstandard thread pitches for each diameter of tap. We carry special thread taps in taper, plug, and bottoming chamfers. Select the chamfer based on how far you want to tap into the predrilled hole. Call for pitches on tap sizes from #6 to 3".

**Never use a nonstandard threading device unless you have compatible screws.**

High Speed Steel Special Thread Taps (Gun Taps)

These taps are ideal for machine tapping through holes or blind holes that have adequate bottom clearance. They’re also known as 'gun taps' because they shoot the chips ahead of the tap, reducing loading and clogging in the flutes. Available in plug chamfer only, in sizes from #0 to 1". Titanium nitride coating available.
Group codes Represented: HSSGT
Part# Examples: 25UHSSGT, 75SHSSGT

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